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High&Dry's mission is to offer its customers a more comfortable, pleasurable and enjoyable cannabis experience. Like any drug on the market, cannabis too, has its side-effects. By relieving users of the most common ones, it is our hope that users of all experience levels can enjoy the plant's benefits unencumbered and free from distractions. 

High&Dry is based in Portland, Oregon. Our lozenges and bags are manufactured entirely in the USA and packaged in Oregon by Relay Resources, a non-profit that engages with a community of willing and able workers who have faced barriers, and helps them to lead more fulfilling and independent lives through training, employment, and housing. 



After suffering from insomnia for nearly ten years, the soon-to-be founder of High&Dry finally found a solution: cannabis. Specifically, a small dose of indica before bed in either vape or edible form. But the solution was short lived, as his mouth would get so dry that he found himself waking up throughout the night to drink water.

He learned that even though he wasn’t smoking cannabis, dry mouth occurs because the cannabinoid in THC and CBD temporarily shuts down the lines of communication between the body's nervous system and the mouth’s saliva-producing glands.

After trying nearly every over-the-counter lozenge and mouthwash on the market, he finally found a product that addressed the problem with a holistic approach, using a blend of herbs and spices to stimulate saliva flow. Aside from immediate relief, he found that having one lozenge an hour before he went to bed relieved his dry mouth for the entire night. 

Knowing that he wasn’t the only person who experienced this side-effect, he began working directly with the family owned lozenge manufacturer on the east coast to create a lozenge made specifically to relieve dry mouth symptoms caused by THC and CBD. The result is High&Dry Mouthwatering Lozenges.