We don't sell products that make your customers high. We sell products that make their cannabis experience more comfortable, pleasurable and enjoyable. Whether your customers are recreational or medicinal users; prefer flower, edibles, vape or concentrate; or favor indica, sativa or hybrid, they all experience some degree of dry mouth. A better cannabis experience is good for customers and for business.



Average increase in after-tax profit margin per transaction that includes a bag of High&Dry* 


High&Dry revenue that is subject to applicable state and local cannabis taxes



Potential annual revenue generated by High&Dry  per dispensary location**


Dispensary reorder rate of High&Dry Mouthwatering Lozenges

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On Average, how many transactions does your dispensary conduct per day? 

*based on industry average after-tax margins of 19%; average transaction amount of $33: High&Dry profits taxed at 35% marginal rate
**based on 200 daily store transactions @ 4 lozenge sales per 100 transactions