“Increased salivary flow. Enjoyed Flavors.”

Over 80% of respondents in a recent outpatient clinical trial conducted by a medical professional said that they would be adding the lozenges to their daily routine, citing "Increased salivary flow. Enjoyed Flavors." 

— August 2017 Independent Third-Party Clinical Trial

“Did the trick for me...”

I'm almost 50 years old and just recently started using cannabis for the first time to help with anxiety. I was surprised that I had such bad dry mouth considering I was using a vape pen and not smoking but it was really bad. These lozenges did the trick for me and I'm finding the more regularly that I use them, the longer the effect. They taste great too.

— Severin, California


"These lozenges are the first product that I have found that have effectively and consistently increased salivary flow in my patients and helped them maintain a path to wellness."

Dr. O'Neal D.M.D., Georgia


Great name and packaging.

Taste awesome, work great. Seem to check all the boxes. Great name and packaging. My only dig is that they taste so good i want to suck the whole bag back. Haha.

— Mark, Oregon

“The flavors are great..."

I do not use marijuana but take prescription medication regularly which gives me severe dry mouth. I've tried many over the counter lozenges and mouthwashes with poor results. My friend gave me a package of these and they are incredible. The flavors are great and they don't have the bad aftertaste I experienced with similar products.                                    

— Suzanne, Washington